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The working group will develop the Guide for Cloud Portability and Interoperability Profiles (CPIP). The guide advises cloud computing ecosystem participants (cloud vendors, service providers, and users) of standards-based choices in areas such as application interfaces, portability interfaces, management interfaces, interoperability interfaces, file formats, and operation conventions. The guide groups these choices into multiple logical profiles, which are organized to address different cloud personalities.



The purpose of the guide is to assist cloud computing vendors and users in developing, building, and using standards-based cloud computing products and services, which should lead to increased portability, commonality, and interoperability. Cloud Computing systems contain many disparate elements. For each element there are often multiple options, each with different externally visible interfaces, file formats, and operational conventions. In many cases these visible interfaces, formats, and conventions have different semantics. This guide enumerates options, grouped in a logical fashion called "profiles," for such definitions of interfaces, formats, and conventions, from a variety of sources. In this way, cloud ecosystem participants will tend towards more portability, commonality, and interoperability, growing the cloud computing adoption rate overall.


Ok. Cloud computing is a reality. Looking at Google trends one can see how the interest started only on 2007 to reach its maximum between 2011 and 2012.


It’s really important to highlight that the trend starts to decrease when the interest for big data starts to grow.