Cloud Computing Interoperability

Posted: May 5, 2013 in big data, cloud computing interoperability

Ok. Cloud computing is a reality. Looking at Google trends one can see how the interest started only on 2007 to reach its maximum between 2011 and 2012.


It’s really important to highlight that the trend starts to decrease when the interest for big data starts to grow.


Now, there is something really clear to me, that I hope is clear to everybody. Many organizations and companies will start to migrate to the cloud at least 20% of their services (e.g. email, websites, etc).  Big players like Google, Amazon or Microsoft are trying to offer all the possible services that a company could need.


But it’s inevitable that one day these companies will have the necessity to interconnect systems from different zones (private cloud, public cloud, own server farm). And here we are. Is big data just the solution? Will all the APIs be so opened to permit data exchange an easy task? Or, as I think, everything will be just a big opportunity for Cisco, IBM and many other to start a new era of selling of specific products (e.g. new firewall?) .
We all hope that in the near future, in addition to the cloud technologies we will start to see some cloud standards in order to allow us to easily move an app or a storage or a service form a cloud to another one without be forced to rebuild all the stack. When this will really happen. Surely not soon. The different players at the present clearly prefer to lock us down.   Good luck cloud customer!!


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