Cloud Security Alliance (CSA)

Posted: May 4, 2013 in cloud security, cloud security certifications, cloud security standards

Today cloud computing is a phenomen in continuous explosion. Every day a new provider tries to find its niche in the market. I was at the IDC CIO 2013 in Vienna. All the different presentations and discussions were on cloud computing, the migration to the third generation applications, BYOD and etc. But not much has been said about cloud security: few references to standards or best practices. At the end most of the presenters stated: “like in the past, technology moves ahead and security follows”. Luckily some strong organizations like “Cloud Security Alliance” are taking the lead.The Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) is a nonprofit organization that promotes research into best practices for securing cloud computing and the ability of cloud technologies to secure other forms of computing.
The CSA GRC Stack provides a toolkit for assessing private and public clouds against industry-established security best practices. The CSA also offers a Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge (CCSK), which is designed to establish a baseline of knowledge on cloud security issues.


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